Centre for Applied South Asian Studies (CASAS)

Welcome to the Centre for Applied South Asian Studies

The Centre aims to provide a ready source of detailed and accurate information about the social, cultural, familial and religious dimensions of the South Asian presence in Britain, as well as in the transnational networks which its members maintain.

Working to:

To conduct research on social, cultral and religious developments within Britain's Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi minorities, and to explore the transnational networks which their members maintain

To facilitate contacts between scholars actively engaged in ethnographic research amongst members of these communities

To build, and provide public access to, a comprehensive store of reliable information about these developments and their significance

To develop and debate the multitude of policy issues deriving from the additional dimensions of plurality in the British - and indeed the Global - social order as a result of the steady growth in the scale and sophistication of South Asian transnational networks

To provide consultancy services to those whose professional practice brings them into regular contact with a culturally, religiously and ethnically plural clientele

To develop and present training courses to those wishing to develop their competence in ethnosensitive professional practice