Centre for Applied South Asian Studies (CASAS)

Preparation of Expert Reports

Dr. Roger Ballard regularly accepts instructions to prepare expert reports for use in all manner of situations which people of South Asian descent have found themselves involved in proceedings in the Criminal, Civil, Family, Administrative Courts, as well as in the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

As a Consultant Anthropologist he takes a particularly close interest in ways in which social, religious and cultural factors condition patterns of interpersonal relations within extended families of South Asian origin, as well as the way in which in which the resultant values of honour, reciprocity and trust have have been deployed as settlers have set about a complex web of trans-local networks transnational networks linking communities together on a global scale.

Dr Ballard's reports invariably seek to provide an an anthropological - and hence ethnosensitive - contextualisation of the consequences of disputes, conflicts and tragedies which have erupted in the aftermath of the collapse of such relationships of reciprocity and trust.

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He can be contacted at roger@casas.org.uk