Centre for Applied South Asian Studies (CASAS)

Expert Advice, Consultancy, and Legal Commentary

All CASAS members are by definition involved in exploring one dimension or another of the social, cultural, medical political and legal consequences of the steadily growing salience of the South Asian presence in Britain.

We identify our activities as 'Applied' in the sense of our being ready and willing to offer advice, consultancy support and training to practitioners - as well as the institutions within which they operate - as to how they might best address the the challenges they encounter within our ever more plural society on a more equitable as well as a professional basis.

At present we find that the most substantial demand for an input on this front comes from lawyers and the courts, for whom many of our members act as Expert Witnesses.

As academic commentators, we also find ourselves becoming increasingly involved in discussions as to how the established legal order can best set about making an equitable response to our ever more salient condition of ethno-religious plurality - on the assumption that the absence of adequate responses on this front will inevitably lead to inequitable outcomes.

In the same vein we are also prepared offer informed advice with respect to the way in which training courses might be organised in such a way as to enhance the capacity of professionals in other fields, such as education and medicine, as well as the whole gamut of psychological, social and welfare services to respond to their minority clientele on a more ethno-sensitive basis.