Centre for Applied South Asian Studies (CASAS)


Even though most of CASAS' current members have academic backgrounds, and all its members are take a close interest in the knotty any analytical and theoretical issues which we constantly find ourselves confronting in this field, what brings us together under the CASAS umbrella is a shared concern to see these understandings applied in the world at large.

We certainly hope that all those concerned with the South Asian presence in Britain - whether as the deliverers of educational, legal and medical services, as researchers from other fields, or as members of one or other of Britain's South Asian communities - will find the information posted up on this site useful in its own right.

However we are also very ready to offer our knowledge, experience and insights on a Consultancy to those with pressing need to explore more specific issues. What those issues are is for our customers to determine. Consultancies in which CASAS members have recently been engaged include:

Researchers Issues addressed Duration Funding Source

Dr. Roger Ballard

Analysis of the results of the 2001 Census to prepare maps of the spatial distribution of the Hindu, Sikh and Muslim components of Britain's South Asian Population

2003 Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Dr. Roger Ballard

Preparation of textual material South Asian migration to Britain for inclusion in the Moving Here' Website

2003 nalogo

Dr. Roger Ballard

Migration, Remittances, Economic Growth And Poverty Reduction: reflections on the basis of South Asian experience

2002-3 dfid

Tahirah Parveen

Introduction to the practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

2002 Nottingham Social Services
Dr. Roger Ballard and Dr. Werner Menski Preparation of Chapters on Ethnic Minority Religions, on Ethnic Minority Families, and on Communication for the Judicial Studies Board's Equal Treatment Benchbook 1999 jsb