Centre for Applied South Asian Studies (CASAS)

Commentary on Pluri-legal issues

This section of the site provides a space for CASAS members to paste up thier opinions and commentaries on current pluri-legal issues, and most especially on issues raised as a result of spicific judgements as and when they crop up.

A report of a trans-national research project conducted in
the UK and Pakistan South Manchester Law Centre in Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University

Did Arden LJ's conclusions with respect to the facts in Khan v Khan [2007] EWCA Civ 399 actually live up to the principles of her own dicta?


Did Mummery LJ's ruling in Uddin v Choudhury [2009] EWCA Civ 1205 mark a major step foward in the willingness of the courts to pay attention to the the principles of Shari'ah Law - or did his efforts to do so lead to the construction of a misleading form of Angrezi Shariat?